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Shunkan is a Los Angeles based rock band steeped in young traditions from left of the dial underground led by frontwoman Marina Sakimoto and supported by members Reese Jensen, Dave Puckett, and Aidan Kassel. Shunkan (shoon-kahn) translates from Japanese to "in a moment". Sakimoto confronts her duality not only as as a half-Japanese singer/songwriter, but in the emotional balance of yin and yang. Warm dueling guitars akin to the jangly riffs of Pavement and earnest second-wave emo marry Sakimoto’s voice, ranging from heartbreaking coos to animalistic howls. Whether transitioning between maximalist pedal-gazing deemed as “mastering the Kevin Shields shoegaze staple like nobody else” (DIY Mag) or raw confrontation in a stripped-down setting, Shunkan accomplishes the feat of maintaining real individuality while remaining cohesive throughout.This is Sakimoto's return to releasing music since taking time off to focus on her education to further develop her sound and production.
Shunkan is a punky shoegaze power pop band based in Los Angeles, CA.